Biomass - Pellet

Biomass - Pellet

Biomass is an organic matter. It is any material derived from the agricultural world. The solar energy captured and stored in plant substances. With the help of photosynthesis, plants with carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) collected from the ground, transforming solar energy into biomass. It is an important source of inexhaustible energy, environmentally friendly, which can replace fossil fuels (coal, oil) used as fuel for energy production. Pellets belong in biomass.
Biomass Pellets are a fuel consisting of wood, free from any moisture, compressed into small cylinders with a diameter of 60-80mm in length about 100mm.
1Kg Pellets=0,5lit Πετρελαίου και 1Kg Pellets=4.500θερμίδες.

Parts of a Heating System with Pellets:
An installation of pellets combustion for central heating comprises the following:

  1. Pellet boiler and burner
  2. Storage of fuels (silos)
  3. Power System
  4. central regulatory mechanism
  5. If required, system hot water heating
Pellets Devices:
    • Internal Devices:
    • Air Heaters. The hot air produced by the combustion of pellet injected into the room from the blinds of the stove and the room heats up immediately. Air pellet stoves have automatic timer for programming mode.
    • Water Heaters (Radiators). The stove is connected to our heating system and acts as a heating boiler. More specifically, the combustion of pellet is caused automatically and during that process the water warms up. When the water is hot the pump sends it to the heating system. Water pellets stoves have automatic controls for ease of use and programming.
    • External Devices:
    •  Boiler. The combustible material is stored in the tank and driven into the combustion chamber automatically, promoting the required amount. During the burning process the hot water is heated.
    Biomass The pellet burner can be fitted to any boiler - gas and turn it into a boiler pellet.
  • It is economical. The pellet is cheaper than diesel.
  • It is practical. Easy to use with the transported package.
  • It is ecological. Not emit hazardous gases during combustion, in the absence of chemicals in the production process.


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